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Plex Cloud Can’t Stream From Amazon Cloud Drive

Plex Cloud

Plex is the ultimate streaming software for any type of media content. If it’s movies or music that you are trying to stream then there is no better software to use other than Plex. Plex also has been using Plex Cloud to bridge streaming devices and cloud storages together in perfect harmony. And while most clouds have merged perfectly, Amazon Cloud Drive and Plex Cloud haven’t gotten along as well as one would like since Amazon Cloud Drive is very challenging to work with.

Plex warns Amazon Cloud Drive users that Plex Cloud won’t be supporting it as soon as January 1st of 2017 due to integration issues. Currently, the site has been updated without the Amazon Cloud Drive logo on the home page or in the list of supported services.

If you just purchased Amazon Cloud Drive and Plex Cloud then you can still cancel it (as long as it hasn’t been 90 days past the free trial period). No word on any refunds for the matter since Amazon’s Cloud still works well on their end. Plex states that the Plex Cloud service still works well with other cloud services like Google Drive, Microsoft’s OneDrive and Dropbox. Now might be the time to switch over to another cloud provider if you can.


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