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Aerovel Flexrotor Drone Can Remain Airborne For Several Days

The Flexrotor is lifted by its large propellor but held aloft by its wings.

Aerovel Flexrotor Drone

Aviation company Aerovel Corporation has just manufactured its newest Aerovel Flexrotor Drone for the fish & marine industry so that fishing companies can monitor their coverage areas from the sky (via video) for illegal poachers and rare fish species. Each Aerovel Flexrotor Drone can launch, land and fly vertically, with those twin-bladed propellers. While in the air this drone resembles a helicopter of some sorts and it can fly for two days straight. This Aerovel Flexrotor Drone UAV has been through numerous test flights (like in the video below) but once they are ready for commercial use, you can expect the costs to be somewhere around $200,000 each.


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