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Speck Unveils All-New iPhone 14 Case Lineup

Protect Your iPhone 14 with style for work, play or exploration.


With the announcement of Apple’s new iPhone 14 yesterday, case makers are all in a rush to make sure that they provide customers with a stylish design that can provide not just looks but protection also. Speck is among the first to announce its new case lineup just ahead of the Apple iPhone 14’s sale date (September 16th). This new feature-packed yet slim profile cases are very protective for your new iPhone 14:

Presidio2 Pro – Built for MagSafe ($49.95) – A super protective yet still pocket-friendly case with soft-touch finish and Armor Cloud™ technology for airbag-like protection.

Presidio2 Grip – Built for MagSafe ($49.95) – No-slip grips molded into a Presidio2 case with soft-touch finish and Armor Cloud technology for airbag-like protection.

Presidio Perfect-Clear – Built for MagSafe ($49.95) – The clearest case Speck has ever made. Innovative new materials allow it to stay clear longer while providing protection and durability.

Presidio Perfect-Clear Glitter – Built for MagSafe ($49.95) – The Presidio Perfect-Clear case with embedded glitter is made from glass to prevent signal attenuation while looking fabulous.

Presidio Perfect-Clear Grips – Built for MagSafe ($49.95) – No-slip grips molded into a Perfect-Clear case using innovative new materials allowing it to stay clear longer while providing protection and durability.

Presidio Perfect-Clear Impact Geometry – Built for MagSafe ($49.95) – Built with perimeter impact geometry to protect against drops up to 13 feet plus a first: color coordinated MagSafe magnets.

Presidio Perfect-Clear Ombré – Built for MagSafe ($49.95) – A slim and fashionable clear case with a bold ombré design made with fade-resistant compounds.

Presidio Perfect-Mist – Built for MagSafe ($49.95) – A luxurious soft-touch matte finish with translucent back available in multiple colors for a truly stunning look.

Presidio Edition – Built for MagSafe ($49.95) – Featuring bold and stylish art prints embedded onto the case to resist fading and scratching.

CandyShell Pro ($24.95) – Fused polycarbonate hard outer shell with soft inner liner provides two layers of tough protection in a slim, pocket-friendly case.

GemShell ($24.95) – A slim, clear case with innovative dual-layer perimeter protection designed to showcase the iPhone.

GemShell Grip ($29.95) – A slim, clear case with molded grips that include dual-layer perimeter protection.

GemShell Glitter ($24.95) – A stylish, clear case with embedded glitter made from glass to prevent signal attenuation while looking fabulous.

GemShell Ombré ($24.95) – Features a fade-resistant ombré gradient design that stays vibrant while showing off the beauty of the iPhone.

All Speck cases are tailor-made for each new iPhone 14. Speck has made sure that all of the dimensions are properly covered and protected and that the buttons and mute switch remain responsive when pressed or switched. Some cases do boast “Built for MagSafe®” support. Those cases have 38 bonded magnets to assure a solid connection with all Apple Magsafe mounts and accessories. All cases despite their differences do come with built-in Microban® antimicrobial product protection that helps reduce the amount of bacteria growth that often accompanies our phones and cases by 99%! No one wants a disgusting phone or case.

Speck has also announced a new ShieldView™ Glass tempered glass screen protectors for all iPhone 14 models, which include Speck’s Goof Proof® Installation Kit so that installation is easy and fool-proof. All Speck ShieldView Glass for iPhone 14 comes in three wonderful variants: crystal clear, low blue light, and a privacy screen.

As a bonus, Speck was even prepared for the announcement of the new AirPods Pro (Gen 2) by providing two new protective case offerings to keep everything protected and secured.

Presidio With Soft-Touch Coating AirPods Pro (Gen 2) ($24.95 but currently SOLD OUT) – A dual-layer, co-molded case with 360-degree protection. This case is made from an anti-stretch compound with a soft-touch matte finish and features a handy carabiner, as well as Microban product protection.

Presidio Clear AirPods Pro (Gen 2) ($24.95) – A clear case with 360-degree protection, and it contains a hard clear outer shell and a soft inner clear elastomer with an added handy carabiner.

Interested in any of these cases from Speck? Pick up your new Apple iPhone 14 cases and AirPods Pro (Gen 2) cases today!