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Comcast Is Bringing Hulu To Set-Tops, Xfinity Flex And X1 Customers Soon

Hulu is coming soon to Xfinity X1


With most families stuck at home due to the coronavirus, Comcast has taken various measures to make sure having an internet connection is least of your worries. The company suspended data caps and made Xfinity WiFi free for 60 days. As free WiFi and no data caps weren’t enough, Comcast is providing its users with more content to watch, it’s bringing Hulu to Xfinity Flex.

Ways to Watch

Once Hulu is available you can find the app in the X1 apps menu. If you’re already a Hulu subscriber, you’ll be able to sign in to Hulu directly on X1. If not, you’ll have the option to sign up for Hulu from the startup screen.

Alongside apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, and YouTube, Xfinity Flex customers will be able to log into Hulu. Hulu’s video streaming app will also work with the Xfinity Voice Remote and its programming will show up in the Flex and X1 guides, giving users the ability to search “New on Hulu” or “Best of Hulu” with the voice remote.

Hulu’s addition to Comcast’s streaming service is not surprising, it’s been continuously adding services like Amazon Music, CBS All Access, NBC’s Sports Gold and even made Xfinity Flex available to its internet-only customers at no additional cost. I hope you all stay healthy and safe while you’re social distancing.