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UberBoat Can Be Summoned From Your Phone


Uber just launched their new intercontinental boating service this week over in Istanbul. The new UberBoat will take you anywhere along the Bosphorous strait without having to worry about any traffic.

Uber plans to promote this new method of travel for customers that prefer the luxury approach to travel, on-demand. The UberBoat will be offered to you if you happen to see it near the waterside or you can summon it via your smartphone to travel to your destination while enjoying a great view of the Bosphorus strait. The UberBoats are luxury speedboats that can hold up to eight passengers and are owned and driven by Turkish company, Navette-Tezman Holding. Rides on the luxury speedboats could range from $20 (50 lira) to $150, but you can still split the cost of the fare with your passengers by using the Uber app.

This approach is a great way for Istanbul visitors to visit plenty of sites near Turkey and along the Bosphorus strait without having to deal with the pangs or stress from driving or traffic. If you reside or are visiting Istanbul, give these UberBoats a shot. Let us know your experiences with them if you have taken one for a ride.