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Tidal Sound Test Will Offer You A 30-day Trial If You Pass


Are you still contemplating on giving Tidal a try or wondering what it is audiophiles enjoy when listening to lossless quality audio files. Well, Tidal is giving anyone who can tell the difference between regular audio files and lossless quality audio files a 30-day trial. The test has been on the site for a while now, it only started offering the 30-day trial after Jay-Z bought the music streaming service.


You’ll have to play five different songs in 1,411kbps lossless quality song and that of a 320kbps AAC song, and then guess which one sounds better. I guessed four out of five right and still got try out the 30-day trial. You don’t have to worry if you fail the test, you can still get a free 30-day just by signing up. If you decide to keep listening to Tidal, you’ll be charged $9.99 a month for standard sound quality or $19.99 a month for those who want the higher-end and lossless quality. Grab your quality headphones and see the source link below to test your inner audiophile.