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Oppo N3 Image Leaked, Official Launch Is Next Month


Oppo is one phone manufacture you should never looking down on, since the inception of the company, they’ve steadily pushed out really cool looking phones. The company just shared an image teaser on its Facebook page for an upcoming Oppo N3 event in Singapore next month.


The “One More Step” and “Designed For Life” themed event will definitely be a launch of a new flagship device, if you can’t wait for next month then recent image leak of the N3 by GSMArena should satisfy your curiosity. GSMArena published some leaked renders of an Oppo N3, which could well be the company’s next phone or ‘nah.’ Just like the Oppo N1, the N3 appears to gave the same rotating camera feature so you can take high-quality selfies. The cylindrical camera on the alleged N3 sits on top of the device, and looks like Oppo fit a set of speakers on either side of the cylinder. There’s no word on the specs of the Oppo N3 yet, or if it would be shipping with Color OS or running CyanogenMod like some N1 variants did. Maybe we’d just have to wait for an official launch of the device or more leaks from the internet.