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Check If Your Android Phone is Patched Against the ‘Master Key’ Exploit With Bluebox Security Scanner App


After Bluebox Security discovered an Android security hole that may affect 99 percent of devices, a Bluebox Security Scanner app was released sometime this week. The Android app lets you check whether your phone is still vulnerable to the exploit that allows malicious developers to circumvent software security measures. Google confirmed that they already released a patch for the exploit, and already handed it some OEMs like Samsung who’s shipping phones with the patch at the moment. The app is free, so grab it from the source link below to check your patch status

The Bluebox “Master key” Security Scanner will scan your device to determine:
– If your system is vulnerable or patched to the Bluebox “Master key” security flaw affecting most Android devices
– If your system settings allow non-Google Market application installs
– If any installed application on your device is trying to maliciously take advantage of the security flaw




VIA: Phone Arena

SOURCE: Google Play