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Autonomous Vehicles Can Now Be Sold In Michigan

Autonomous Vehicles
Image Credit: John Greenfield/Flickr

Back in September this year, Michigan Senate mentioned that they were going to pass a law to permit driverless cars in the state and today we have good news that they have done just that. Governor Rick Snyder signed the new laws into action today and he doesn’t have to look too far for corporations to support autonomous vehicles now that Toyota, Google, the Detroit Three and popular on-demand taxi services Uber and Lyft.

“By establishing guidelines and standards for self-driving vehicles, we’re continuing that tradition of excellence in a way that protects the public’s safety while at the same time allows the mobility industry to grow without overly burdensome regulations.”Rick Snyder, Michigan State Governor

This means that auto manufacturers can legally sell autonomous vehicles to any consumer. And owners of those autonomous vehicles can legally operate their vehicles on any road in the state at any time with or without a driver. Who knows maybe Michigan residents will see more autonomous taxis alongside Uber and Lyft vehicles (who also plan to take the autonomous vehicle route in the state).

Hopefully, the passing of this law can lower the effects of bad drivers and improve the driving abilities of inexperienced student drivers with autonomous vehicles. And as long as these vehicles function properly, it may increase fines for bad driving of non-driverless cars, which could open the marketing field for autonomous vehicles across the entire state, and hopefully one day the entire nation as well.


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