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Time Warner Vs. Netflix: The War Over TV Seasons

Time Warner Inc.’s strategy against Netflix is taking shape.

Time Warner Cable Netflix
Thomas Belknap/Flickr

Cable companies have been showing their displeasure for online streaming services like Netflix. Time Warner Cable has its gripes with Netflix as well as the others, but they plan on doing something about it this time. Time Warner is currently trying to work with several studio companies to get the rights to full TV seasons and have it be accessed through the cable and satellite companies’ on-demand services. The plan is to get viewers to stay with their cable/satellite companies and not have to deal with an online subscription service like Netflix. The only hindrance may be the studio companies because they have been quite hesitant to give away full season rights. If this becomes successful, viewers can easily watch whole seasons like the do on Netflix, Hulu and other services without cutting the cord. I have a good feeling that this might work out for their favor. Only due time will tell how Netflix responds.

Time Warner Cable Netflix


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