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Firefox Wants Users To Try New Potential Browser Changes

Image Credit: Keng Susumpow/Flickr

Most common browsers don’t really let its users to play with (or use) new, yet unreleased browser features. In order to even get your hands on such things you’d have to join a developer community, get the beta version of the browser and deal with the bugs. Mozilla is changing that by allowing even criticism on the current stable version of the Firefox browser. Mozilla’s newest program Idea Town, lets you try upcoming features and offer feedback without having to use a bugged out version of Firefox. The only features that you want will be the ones that show up in the stock version of Firefox. No longer will you have to put up with experimental features. This puts the power and control of development back in the users’ hands.

Idea Town isn’t officially announced yet (August 11th is the date), but when it does come out, so will Firefox 40. It should be widely available when Firefox 42 shows up, which is tentatively slated to arrive on November 3rd. Such a great way to get involved without dealing with those nightmares.