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Flipboard For Windows Phone Now Available To Download


Flipboard for Windows Phone had a false release some few days ago without the flipping action found on other OS. After years of being in development, the news reading app finally made its way to the Windows Phone Store. The app supports Windows 8.1 devices with at least 1GB of RAM, and there’s work in progress for a 512 MB-optimized version of the app. Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore used his Twitter feed to make the announcement, and will come preloaded on the Lumia 830 that’s set to hit the market soon. For those whom their device meets the current requirement, you can grab the app from the Windows Store now. See  see a list of the features below for Windows Phone Flipboard below.

  • Cover Stories is central: After you pick a few topics for your magazine, Flipboard takes you directly to your Cover Stories. Cover Stories collects highlights from everything you’re following and gets more personalized as you add new things to your Flipboard.

  • Search and follow more sources: Continue to customize your Flipboard by tapping on the search icon in the top right corner. Enter keywords to find articles, photos, publications and Flipboard magazines, or browse through sections like News, Tech, Travel and Design. Open the app bar (it looks like three dots) on any story for the options to Share it or Follow the story’s source.

  • See everything you’re following: All the sources you’ve followed are listed in one place. Tap the menu icon in the top left to find everything on your Flipboard, including the sources you’ve added and the magazines you’ve been making.

  • Share to other Windows phone apps: When you find something you think is interesting on Flipboard, you can share it to other Windows phone apps. Tap the share icon on articles, photos and videos to send it as a text message, email, social media post and more.


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