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Google Plans To Improve Mobile Search

The time to adapt mobile search is now.

Image Credit: Maurizio Pesce/Flickr

Google Search is the ultimate search engine on nearly every platform from desktop PCs, Macs and mobile devices all across the board. And for a while, the Googlebot (web crawler) was serving up the same indexed searches on mobile as on PC (which is what you would expect). Well, very soon Google will start prioritizing these mobile search indexes to create a separate search universe from the over popular PC specific searches.

Their new “mobile-first” approach won’t change the regular websites that resize to fit your mobile device (like our’s) and neither will it bother regular website searches. The purpose is to rank websites based on the mobile pages. Especially those that have separate content for desktop and mobile viewers. Some may feel that those sites have been neglected in Google’s ranks as the desktop friendly versions.

Google wants mobile searchers to find popular searches that others have searched using their mobile devices much quicker. This isn’t a complete overhaul of the search indexing process but it’s definitely something that one can appreciate. Especially since it’s that type of attention to detail can make searching on Google nice and quick or long and stressful. No one likes to be 10+ pages in on any search on the desktop or on mobile, it’s even more critically the same.

I have a 3 page maximum for any search engine on mobile before I give up completely. How many pages is it for you?