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Google Hires Former Airbnb Executive For Car Rentals

Google's self-driving car project is now one step closer to the market

Image Credit: Google

Self-Driving vehicles are no longer a dream for the future, not only are they here and common (such as Tesla’s offerings) but they will soon be cornering a major part of the auto industry and possibly making a serious threat in that market. Google (which has its own autonomous car has recently lost its director Chris Urmson, earlier this month and has sought for a worthy replacement. Today it looks like Alphabet has found one, to be exact, possibly the best one available, Airbnb’s former director Shaun Stewart.

Shaun Stewart was well-known for leading the vacation rental giant towards much of its success that the company has experienced up to date. With such a background in commerce and rentals, it’s safe to expect that Google will have Stewart focusing on making the self-driving car commercialized in a driverless ride-for-hire service so that the company can make revenue and possibly benefit from competing with other ride-for-hire service giants such as Uber and Lyft.

There seems to be no questioning whether Shaun Stewart is a great fit for Google, according to TechCrunch he was not only successful with Airbnb but he was once the CEO over at TripAdvisor. This background proves that he obviously understands how to conduct rental service businesses and build them from the ground up. I’m sure Google will benefit from his expertise and I can’t wait until they introduce the 1st commercial product for the masses to experience.

Image Credit: Becky Stren