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Twitter Won’t Count Media And @Username In 140-character limit

Image Credit- [Uncalno Tekno- Flickr]

Bloomberg reported last that Twitter was making some changes to their 140-character limit. They reported that Twitter would stop counting links and photos in their 140-character limit tweet restriction. The company confirmed what Bloomberg already reported by giving us more detailed information in a recent blog post. Character limit changes aren’t the only things that the company is working on, soon, photos, videos and usernames in replies won’t count against the 140-character limit either. Also, Re-tweeting your own Tweets, and Quotes will also be possible.

It’s also worth noting that the [email protected] function will receive some changes too. The feature is being removed entirely, so, adding a @username to your tweet will automatically make it visible to all your followers. For the most part, I appreciate these updates and changes coming to Twitter, and hope someday they realize that we all want to part ways with their 140-character limit. Twitter didn’t mention when exactly we should be expecting these updates, the company expects to roll them out sometime in the coming months for the web, TweetDeck and both mobile and desktop apps.



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