Image Credit: Nan Palmero/Flickr

Sonos is still sharing the love with Play:1 owners that still enjoy their Sonos speakers. Today they finally bring a new device update (as promised a few months ago) and Sonos has added a few surprises with this update. As usual you’ll receive the technical bug fix, sound improvements and some added performance with the new update but Sonos hasn’t left out its customers wants for more added features. They just added shuffled playlists support so that you can keep your tunes fresh and still keep up with upcoming tracks, as well as view your track history.You’ll also notice improved vocal response and Sub compatibility on the Play:1 speaker.

You’ll also find Google Play Music support to play your favorite radio stations (even the curated ones), jam to those automated playlists and play tracks from your own Google Play Music library. Other Google Play Music features are recommended radio stations (from your listening history) and the ability to add or remove tracks or albums from your library.

The Sonos Play:1 speaker can also carry TuneIn Radio. TuneIn brings local and international radio right to your home or office without paying for a subscription or service.

You can learn more about these new features in the Sonos Music Controller app. And if you haven’t already, go and pick up your own Sonos Play:1 speaker for your home or office today by clicking on the photo below.

Sonos Wireless Music Player