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PayPal Here Can Make NFC Payments

PayPal Here

PayPal is a common tool used to make mobile and digital payments globally. At Mobile World Congress they showcased the new upgrade to their PayPal Here card readers. We know that they can handle payments properly (via the Chip, PIN credit & debit cards),but now they have implemented new tech to start accepting NFC payments.

PayPal Here


So because of this new upgrade, PayPal Here will accept touch-free payments via NFC cards, allowing retail businesses to accept payments from customers mobile devices. This role, puts PayPal in competition with the likes of Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay because of the NFC payment concept. Rumors of the United Kingdom and Australia should be seeing PayPal Here coming near the summer, while the US could expect it towards the end of the year. No price has been set as of yet, we will keep you posted.

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