Welcome to Short:

During most of my day, when I have time to spare (if any) I do a lot of reading or writing. Especially as an Editor and as a Writer, news continuously comes out. It’s a never-ending cycle yet it’s why I love what I do.

Most of my news reading usually comes from mobile apps that go and collect various sources that I like (and those I haven’t heard of) and they pull all of my news together. The problem with these apps is that sometimes I can’t read the entire article at that moment. So what do I do? Like any other reader I save it for later, but the problem with that is that later may never come.

A new app named Short, plans to help you (and me) solve that issue. Short connects to all of your favorite article saving services (like Pocket, Readability or Instapaper) and shows you the shortest article clips based on the amount of time you have before your next meeting or appointment.

In the Short app it shows you how much progress that you have made while reading an article. This feature is extremely helpful because when you go back to it, you pick up where you actually left off at. Short even added a night mode for late-night, non-disturbing reading.

Hopefully in the future Short adds an offline reading option (like Instapaper and others). Take a look at the video below, and go and get Short today.

Short is free to download, offering no in-app purchases, and has both an iPhone and iPad version available. Currently no Android version is available.