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Civilization Revolution 2 Coming to iOS and Android


After brief 5 year hiatus of Firaxis Games’ 2008 turn-based strategy game,Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution 2, will launch next month for mobile devices. The recent announcement confirmed the iOS release date “July 2nd,” and an Android version coming soon. As we can recall, Civilization Revolution was released in 2008 for both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 as a simplified version on the series and later made its way to iOS in 2009.

5 years is well enough time for fans to get a much more fluid Civilization gameplay experience on the mobile device. Civilization Revolution 2 adds Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy and 16 other leaders to the lineup. The Publisher 2K Games says, it will offer “high-impact graphics” for the new game. Civilization Revolution 2 is the first game from the acclaimed series to be developed exclusively for mobile devices. A new gameplay and controls for mobile devices should result in a much more robust Civilization experience.

Civilization Revolution 2 follows the former gameplay format, letting build your empire from the origins of man to modern times, allowing you to encounter most iconic world leaders in a battle for supremacy. For the PC version lovers, Civilization: Beyond Earth is in works, and will launch later this year.



Via: GameSpot




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