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Amazon’s Latest Blink Mini Camera Costs $35

For just $35, the Blink Mini can do 1080p recording, motion detection, and two-way audio.

Amazon / Blink

Amazon’s Blink is known for making affordable security cameras that can be powered by double-A batteries. To join the list of their easy-to-install and affordable camera is the $35 Blink Mini. At this price, the Blink Mini is the company’s most affordable camera yet, now you’re wondering what you’ll be getting for that price. The Blink Mini is an indoor camera that can capture 1080p footage, detect motion and send alerts to your smartphone. It also comes with a two-way audio feature that allows the user to talk to pets, family members and intruders.

Being an Amazon-owned company, the camera pairs with Alexa and gives the user the ability to arm and disarm the device using voice commands. Other extra features you can get with the Blink Mini is a free trial of the company’s cloud storage through to the end of the year.

Unlike the older Blink security cameras, the Blink Mini is powered by plugging the camera into a wall outlet. For those of you who’d like to add the Blink Mini to their security system arsenal, it available for pre-order today, with general availability in the US slated for April 15th.