Russia is currently constructing it’s next data center, not too far from Moscow. Power company Rosenergoatom claims that this data center will not only be Russia’s biggest data center, but they take pride in the fact that it will be the first to be nuclear powered. Reports suggest that it is currently being built on top of the Kalinin power station which is about 120 miles northwest of Moscow. This nuclear powered data center will need an estimate of 80 MW to provide ample power supply to the tens of thousands of server racks.

Rosenergoatom plans to only use about 10% of these server racks while leasing the other 90% for commercial uses. Reports of Russia’s critical data storage laws may promote the use of this nuclear powered data center. The new storage laws state that all data from Russian citizens must be stored on domestic servers now. Rosenergoatom has even tried reaching out to Google & Facebook to see if they wanted to lease some of the server racks at this new data center.