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Mitsubishi LaserVue TV’s Can Be Repaired For Free

Mitsubishi LaserVue

Owners of the once popular, rear-projection, Mitsubishi LaserVue TV’s can now cash in any receipts they may have held on too when they decided to get repairs done to their malfunctioned Mitsubishi LaserVue (75-inch HD TV). Mitsubishi recently settled a class action lawsuit where it was identified that picture issue appear after 8,000 to 10,000 hours of use.

If you purchased a Mitsubishi LaserVue TV that is currently malfunctioning, and/or if you previously spent your own money to repair certain problems with your LaserVue TV, you may be entitled to a repair, payment or reimbursement from a class action settlement.Gilardi & Co. LLC

If you’ve spent your own funds to repair your Mitsubishi LaserVue TV, then you may be entitled to a repair, payment or reimbursement of at least $500.

Gilardi & Co. LLC of San Rafael, CA, is handling the settlement for the consumers. Last week the firm posted on their website, qualifying parties that they might have a stake to the settlement relief benefits, and they are gathering names and case numbers now. The telephone number for those with further questions is 888-289-0223.


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