Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones season five premiers today on HBO, but yesterday four episodes ad already been leaked onto the internet. According to TorrentFreak, these leaks are in standard definition (not HD) and the blame could be credited to a review screener that passed it on. The Daily Dot even pointed out that the low resolution has fans going crazy, searching for these four leaked episodes via links and torrents. If you don’t want the story ruined for you I’d suggest not picking up such leaked/pirated copies yet.

Game of ThronesGame of Thrones is no newbie to the pirated movie scene, if you don’t know by now, the Series holds the place as one of the most-pirated shows ever. HBO is trying to work with consumers that don’t mind paying for their shows. Moves such as being accessible without a cable subscription, being available via Apple TV, Cablevision, via PS4 or even live and on-demand with Sling TV, makes consumers very happy that they can take their subscription anywhere with them. And HBO isn’t just limited to the US either, they will successfully air the Game of Thrones premier internationally.