OnePlus One

OnePlus One is one of the phones which has been part of the most popular trending smartphones in the year 2014. Even we here at Tech My Money has officially named the OnePlus One our TMM Smartphone of The Year 2014. It is a great phone no doubt. The specifications are indeed top of the line. We here at Tech My Money are very blessed to even own one of these epic devices. And now OnePlus will allow anyone to purchase their famed flagship device without any invites next week!

The OnePlus One promotion will run between 19:00-21:00 GMT / 7PM-9PM EST / 19:00-21:00 HKT on January 20th. Both the 16 GB Silk White and 64 GB Sandstone Black versions will be available.

The 16GB version will cost you $299, while the 64GB variant being $349. So keep track of the time and grab it if you want one. Because I know you do!