Acura has taken its time to perfect its NSX supercar, even though the journey was long driven, It has now proven to be worth the 8 year wait. The first Acura NSX concept appeared in 2007 but as sweet as that vehicle looked we knew that particular model, was definitely not going to be the production model. But as we take a look today, surprisingly Acura kept the NSX as a “supercar” themed vehicle.

The new Acura NSX contains a first generation, all-aluminum, hand-built hybrid mid engine, that Honda has been keeping tabs on for since the year 2000. Acura also notes (in the video below) that in mid-development, they have decided to go from a “good”, regular V6 aspirated engine to a more powerful, twin-turbo V6 engine with a 9-speed dual-clutch transmission. With this beast you’ll achieve a whopping 550 horsepower.

Inside the supercar is a center-mounted dial that give the driver full control of the engine’s driving modes, easily going from “Track” for a more louder, angrier exhaust, to a much more environment friendly “Quiet” mode, killing the exhaust & engine noise.

Buyers will have some design power with this car by going online and picking from the sorts of packages, colors & specs, and have that car delivered to a local Acura dealer for purchase and pickup. The first customer deliveries will also appear this year, along with “media drives”. Pricing hasn’t been set yet but in the video the company is saying around a “mid-$150,000 range.”

Check out the Reveal of the 2015 Acura NSX at 2015 NAIAS:

VIAThe Verge
SOURCEAcura News
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