Videoshop Developer Pays Off Parents Home On Christmas

Developer Joe Riquelme paid off his parents’ mortgage for Christmas.


Joe Riquelme the developer of the iOS app known as Videoshop, has managed to earn enough from this video editing app, to pay off his parents’ mortgage. What a great gift to give to your parents!

If you have no idea what the Videoshop app is all about, it is a video editor for your iOS clips. With Videoshop, you are able to add music to your videos,  edit some parts of the recorded video to have it show up in fast or slow motion, include some sound effects like animal noises. If you love action you can even add explosions, applause and other random sound effects are available for you to use on Videoshop. Even the ability to combine videos is amazing.


With the Videoshop app’s success, Joe Riquelme has managed to gift his parents a truly wonderful Christmas present this holiday season, Money sure can’t buy happiness, but it sure as heck can pay off a mortgage. Check out the video!