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TitanArm Exoskeleton Prototype Makes You Wish You had Jaegers (‘Pacific Rim’ Robot)


We’ve all seen fancy ergonomic monitor arms, how about an actual ergonomic device for your arm! Meet the TitanArm, designed and engineered by a group of students at the University of Pennsylvania. The TitanArm is a powered upper-body exoskeleton that, can be used in the fields of “rehabilitation and therapeutic application, as well as occupations requiring augmented strength.” The device is  inexpensive, streamlined, and wireless, making the TitanArm a perfect competition for other systems that exist.

Our solution is unique in that it will be a low-cost, ergonomic device actuated through sensors measuring the user’s motion. Through onboard sensing, the skeleton can provide rich data, such as range of motion for use in physical therapy.


The TitanArm can be used in physically intensive occupations, as well as search and rescue operations. You can see the TitanArm in action below, the only thing missing in the video, are some deep sea aliens and a giant robot (Pacific Rim)






SOURCE: TitanArm



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