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Koss SP330, SP540, and Pro4S Impression


Not too long ago, we reviewed the just launched BT540i circumaural headphone from Koss that retails for $199 at Koss.com or Amazon. Little did we know that Koss wasn’t done blessing audiophile’s and headphone enthusiast with a trio of their fall release. The company went ahead to release the new SP Series line (the Koss SP330 and SP540) and the Pro4S Studio Headphone.

The SP Series line:

The SP330 on-ear ($130) and SP540 over-ear ($150) headphones with 30mm and 40mm drivers respectively. They Both come with a natural fitting “D-profile” earcup first featured on the Koss Pro4AAA. The D-profile earcup design helps to create an ideal seal for the most consistent sound reproduction and an incredibly natural fit for extended personal listening sessions. At both price range, the SP Series line comes with impressive and decent amount put into the designing these headphone. The outer earcups on both headphones are reinforced by anodized aluminum and insert-molded metal hinges, to provide some grip when you have them on. The headband design lets you adjust both the size and pressure the SP330 and SP540. For your extended listening comfort, Koss added soft memory foam wrapped in breathable fabric that allows for longer listening sessions. Unlike the Bluetooth BT540i, both products have a detachable cord and fold flat into the provided slim travel case for easy portability.




The Pro4S:

The Koss Pro4S over-ear studio headphones retail for ($150), Koss notes that the headphone “crafted for professionals who use headphones every day to create the world’s greatest music.” The Pro4S features the all-new SLX40 element, these help the Pro4S headphone provide accurate and unbiased sound, perfect for any studio or creative environment. Just like the SP Series line of headphones, the Pro4S also comes with the iconic “D-profile” earcup, the earcups are made from Aluminum, they warped with soft protein memory foam cushions for comfort while using them.




Don’t be fooled by the Pro4S comfortable features, the headphone is structurally strong, thanks to it’s incredibly rugged mechanical design. The headbands for the Pro4S is cushioned by soft foam wrapped in breathable mesh, perfect for extended use. The Pro4S Studio Headphone features a detachable cord with dual-choice entry, allowing the user to choose which earcup to connect to. “Once the cord is attached, the opposite side becomes an output, allowing pass-through listening or daisy chaining for extended monitoring.” Least I forget, they also come with a nice travel case for those who are always on the move.






After a couple of weeks using these headphones, I thought the SP330 and Pro4S performance were quite good if not better when compared with other headphone of the same price range. The SP540 seemed a little thick in the upper-bass/low-mids. Overall, I’m happy with the rate Koss is introducing new products at a modest price. I really can’t wait to see what new headphone Americas first stereophone company would surprise us with. Here’s a little link to a recent interview with CEO Michael J. Koss where he talks about direction and future Koss.