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CES 2016: OhMiBod Introduces A Smart Kegel Exerciser

Lovelife Krush offers live exercise feedback and coaching, pre-orders are just $75.


Kegel exercises are the new health craze now. As soon as any new health tips or ideas start trending manufacturers start making gadgets and apps for it. Sex technology experts OhMiBod has finally created their first “connected” kegel exerciser – the Lovelife Krush. The Lovelife Krush by OhMiBod connects easily to your smartphone via Bluetooth LE and with the TASL (The Art and Science of Love) companion app, which will be coming out Spring 2016. This kegel exerciser in your lady’s sensitive area for her to squeeze on. While she squeezes, the built-in sensors begin to activate and give the user live feedback and coaching tips via the app.

OhMiBodOhMiBod  recognizes that the majority of women on the planet often experience a “weakening of the pelvic floor” due to childbirth and age. With gadgets like the Lovelife Krush, women can finally gain back some of their lost strength in their delicate areas and also keep it healthy to improve orgasms and to control her lusts willfully. So if you know a lady that has kegel tightening on the New Year resolution list but don’t know where to start or have the money for classes, then Lovelife Krush by OhMiBod might be the perfect gadget to gift away.

You can pre-order your Krush kegel exerciser today for just $75 (original retail price will sell for $129 Spring 2016).

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