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The New Belkin iPhone Dongle Lets You Listen While You Charge

Simultaneously Charge and Listen on iPhone with your 3.5mm headphone with the new Belkin 3.5 MM Audio + Charge Rockstar dongle.


If you miss you headphone jack on your iPhone and you aren’t read to ruin your warranty by drilling a hole on your device like this DIY project, then Belkin’s new project is your best bet. The company’s last year product couldn’t solve all the iPhone 7 problems traditional headphone lovers had, as Belkin outfitted the dongles with two Lightning ports, which meant that owners still had to attach a second adapter to use a 3.5mm headphone. The company’s new 3.5 MM Audio + Charge Rockstar (actual product name) dongle version now comes with a 3.5mm jack and just one Lightning connector for charging your phone.

The new dongle still looks like the old one, this means you still have to deal with its physical size. The new adapter is price a little lower than its predecessor, the new Rockstar dongle will be carried by Apple and other retailers for $35/£30. If you ask me, it better than having to drill a hole on your phone and have custom flexible chips made for you in China just to be able to listen and charge your device at the same time.

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