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Roku Launches Own Free Ad-Supported Movie Channel


Incase you missed it, Roku  announced the launch of its own movie channel. The new Roku movie Channel will be available on all Roku players, sticks and TVs in the US. The Roku Channel will let users watch a selection of films that’ll be updated every month.

Roku worked out some deal with studios like Lionsgate, MGM and Sony Pictures, the contents on the new Roku Channel are sourced from other channel publishers like American Classics and Popcornflix. Hundreds of classic movies like Ali, The Karate Kid and Legally Blonde as well as blockbuster movies are expected to be available on the Roku Channel at launch.

There are no fees for the channel, as its being supported by ads. On the other hand, Roku is assuring viewers that, there are half as many advertisements as there are on traditional television channels.

With 15 million active accounts and their recently filed IPO, Roku devices account for 37 percent of all streaming media players used in the US. The Roku Channel has already started rolling out to all Roku devices.

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