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You Can Now Receive 50MB Attachments In Gmail

Sending and receiving emails are still capped at 25MB


Ever tried to send some attachments via your Gmail only to have yourself Googling for services that can handle the size of the attachment you want to send because your Gmail account couldn’t handle the size? Before now, the search engine giant capped both outing and incoming emails at just 25MB. That won’t be the case for attachments anymore, thanks to the recent announcement on the official Google blog, your Gmail account will now allow you to receive mails with attachments up to 50MB in size.

The only thing that’s changed is your attachment size, the capped limit for sending emails still remains the same at 25MB. If the new attachment size is still too small for your kind of job, you can send larger files via the company’s Google Drive. On the good side, the new attachment size for the Gmail account is a very welcome feature for Gmail users. We hope the company truly realizes that “Sending and receiving attachments is an important part of email exchanges,” just as they stated in their blog post, and relax the attachment rules in the future.




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