808: The Movie Is Featured On Apple Music


This week Apple Music features a new music-centered documentary and soundtrack called “808: The Movie“. This documentary is currently exclusively available to all Apple Music subscribers now, while non-subscribers can pre-order the documentary later this week. The film narrates the musical history of the classic Roland TR drum machine that arrived on the music scene back in the 1908s all the way to present age music.

808: The Movie is narrated by Zane Lowe (of Beats 1) and it is directed by several Atlantic Records & Atlantic Films producers. The film (which was meant to hit the theaters last year) takes you on a historic musical journey with various musical artists, groups, producers and others that narrate the history of the 808 drum and its powerful impact on multiple genres of music and culture.

For Apple Music subscribers it is already available for you to go ahead and check out the documentary and the soundtrack, but if you aren’t an Apple Music subscriber then you can pre-order the film on iTunes for about $17 on Friday, December 16th. As far as the soundtrack you’ll find that as well for just $10.99. Or you can go over to the Warner Music Store if you’re really into high-quality tunes and fan gear because they have several bundles you can choose from that include:

  • Soundtrack (2xLP) – Vinyl
  • “Elements” Turntable Slip Mat
  • “Pocket Chroma Key” Slim Fit T-Shirt (Brown) (Sizes: S-XXL)
  • New Era Snapback Hat
  • Soundtrack Digital Album
  • Soundtrack (CD)

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