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Toyota Fuel Cell Buses To Be Available In 2017

"A powerful source of energy for the future" - Toyota


This week Toyota plans to showcase their latest hydrogen fuel cell-powered bus in Tokyo, Japan. This zero-emission, public transportation vehicle is similar to the fuel cell Mirai sedan. Toyota wants tourists that will visit for the 2020 Summer Olympics to make these fuel cell buses the primary choice method for getting around the city during the main event.

These new fuel cell buses come with 10 large tanks filled with roughly 160 gallons of highly pressurized hydrogen. That is reported to push out 235 kWh of power, that’s nearly triple the amount that the Tesla Model S produces.

ToyotaThis also means that during emergency situations like a power outage, for instance, Toyota’s buses can supply power to evac sites and home appliances that function off of electricity.

For those that are interested, these hydrogen fuel cell buses will go on sale next year and Toyota is hoping that they can replace some (if not all) of the public transportation vehicles that currently run in the hugely populated city. It’s nice to see them take hydrogen power beyond what was expected, one can only hope for more innovation in the future from the brand.

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