Sony PlayStation VR Official Unboxing


By now you have heard of the upcoming Sony PlayStation VR coming out next Thursday, October 13th. Until they are available, Sony is giving us a bit of encouragement to buy their new gadget by presenting us with an official unboxing of their Sony PlayStation VR.

As Sid Shuman unboxed the PlayStation VR Core Bundle ($399) you  can see the headset, Processor Unit for pass-through video, cables, headphones, and a PlayStation VR demo disc that’s full of demo games for you to get a taste of what PlayStation has to offer.

And while the price point seems feasible, you would actually like to have a full version of a game thrown in for perks as well as the much needed, PlayStation Camera. There is no way to use the VR headset without it, so if you have one, hold on to it. If not you’ll be shelling out an extra hundred bucks for the Sony PlayStation VR Launch Bundle. The bundle comes with the PlayStation Camera and a pair of PlayStation Move Motion Controllers for the VR as well ($499 total).

If you haven’t pre-ordered the PS VR then don’t worry because as mentioned earlier, launch day is October 13th. And if you are quick, Best Buy is hosting a midnight launch for the VR headset, so mark your calendars and get there early.

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