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Frank Ocean’s Visual Album ‘Endless’ Is Live On Apple Music

Frank Ocean will still release a separate album from 'Endless' this weekend, keep your fingers crossed.


Finally the endless wait to hear something fresh from Frank Ocean since he debuted Channel Orange in 2012 is over. Frank Ocean’s answer to that is Endless, a 45-minute visual album available now exclusively on Apple Music. Rolling Stone noted that Endless is just a separate project from Frank’s next album expected to debut this weekend. He let his fans get a feel of the album via a stream on his website earlier today.

Frank Ocean’s fans have waited for what seemed like forever for his new album after he announced that he was working on something new in 2013, then told them in April 2014 his next album was almost done. Now imagine how long the wait has been and how unforgiving the internet can be, his fans turned his inability to deliver something new to an internet meme.

If you don;t have Apple Music by now and you call yourself a Frank Ocean (you are on your own), we can’t say if Endless will be available on other platforms. Thanks the Queen B for the visual album which premiered on HBO and restricted its streaming to Tidal, we not only get to hear something new but also get to watch a 45-minute visual album of Frank Ocean building an artwork!




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