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Apple TV Gets Siri In The New Update

Apple TV

During Apple’s big event yesterday, amongst the full-fledged amount of unveilings that they had to showcase, Apple has disclosed that the Apple TV will be getting a new update. The primary focal point of this update is to bring in Siri from iOS (via remote), and finally the App Store. These new updates will be arriving soon, if not already (check your updates). You will also be able to add folders, dictation, voice search (Siri) in the App Store access to iCloud Photo Libraries, Live Photos support and the ability to enter passwords via your voice.

Apple TV users will be ecstatic to receive their new update to their Apple-branded set-top box. One of the most intriguing things I’m looking forward to seeing and using on the new tvOS is the tvOS Apple library. Tim Cook bragged about it yesterday stating that it currently hosts over 5,000 apps and many of them can run with picture-in-picture (March Madness anyone?)

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