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Funimation Kicks Off Its Anime Streaming Service

Image Credit: Funimation

Funimation is the entertainment mastermind behind some of the greatest anime shows ever. From DragonBall Z, Attack on Titan, Assassination Classroom, Fairy Tail, One Piece, Tokyo Ghoul and Space Dandy, they have provided them all for us to watch during our leisure moments. Today Funimation just partnered with Sony DADC to bring us a new anime streaming service that loyal fans would love to subscribe to.

Subscriptions to this new service offer unlimited viewing restrictions, ad-free and will be on nearly every major platform before the summer (iOS, Android, Kindle & Windows 10 devices can watch now). Which means the little ones can watch on their tablets while the adults take the living room TV back for a while. There are 3 different subscription levels to view the service by Funimation:

  1. Free Accounts – Has ads and a limited amount of archived shows to view
  2. Paid Accounts ($5) – Gives you full access to an HD library of shows with subtitles
  3. Paid Accounts ($8) – Gives you everything in the $5 package, plus access to dubbed versions and extra bonus content that you’ve probably never seen.

So stop reading, go grab some snacks (popcorn preferred) then pick up your devices and stream away. If you hurry now, you can get access to the 14-day free trial just to get a feel of what they have to offer.

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