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Audi FitDriver System Keeps You Healthy While Driving

Audi's FitDriver System Will Actively Make Adjustments To Relax & Reinvigorate The Driver

Audi FitDriver System

Luxury automaker Audi has decided to join the fitness gadget arena with its newest FitDriver system. Basically, Audi can monitor your body’s vitals via your personal fitness tracker or even your smartwatch. Things like your current heart rate and skin temperature to determine your state of health. This data that is gathered by Audi FitDriver goes into the vehicles sensors and can determine the driver’s driving style, weather-and-traffic conditions and breathing rate. If you happen to get stressed out while on the road, This new system will adjust the car’s economy to attempt to decrease the stress levels. Things like triggering a seat massage, adjusting temperatures inside or playing a video that instructs you on doing breathing exercises. If the flow of traffic is too vast and stressful, FitDriver may suggest that you pull over at a rest stop until it dies down. In the future, FitDriver will commence a “piloted emergency stop” and place an emergency call in extreme cases.

There is no exact date for when this system will be active, and Audi disappointed us by saying that FitDriver only applies to German models. Hopefully, they bring it to America along with their electric and autonomous rides.

Audi Fit Driver Press Release

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