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Convert Your LG G2 Into LG G4


I’ve owned an LG G2 for a very long while and it has been two generations since its release. It launched with a great camera, amazing battery life and great design as it has a 5.2″ display in a relatively small footprint. Now things have gotten better on the software side with a port of the LG G4 software over to the G2 by XDA Recognized developer Cloudyfa. Now let’s show you how to convert your LG G2 into LG G4.

Files And Tools:

  • Android Lollipop firmware for your device here
  • LG G2 drivers here
  • LG Flashtools 2014 here
  • Recovery installer for Lollipop(specific to device’s model number) here
  • LG G4 firmware for the LG G2 here


  1. Install the Android Lollipop firmware on your device. Instructions from video or here
  2. When your device is booted root it with this explicit tutorial.
  3. Now install the Recovery installer apk from the Playstore.
  4. Open the app grant root permissions and follow the instructions in the app.
  5. Transfer the LG G4 rom for LG G2 to your phone.
  6. Reboot into recovery using this app 
  7. Do a factory reset.
  8. Install the LG G4 rom(CloudyG2) for LG G2 from your phone.
  9. Reboot. This takes a while.
  10. Welcome to your LG G4 LG G2 with LG G4 software.

Note:Camera is the default LG G3 camera software not that with all the manual controls on the G4. The dev is working on porting that. The rom is updated constantly and it is very stable. Keep it locked here for battery updates and more.



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