TomTom Bandit

Have you ever have that moment when you are shooting a video clip, while you are on vacation? And afterwards on your way home you are too tired to sit at the PC just to edit your video right before you post it on YouTube? TomTom has fixed this problem for you. The new TomTom Bandit Action Cam was introduced today and it supports video editing and social sharing, all without sitting down at your desk.

TomTom Bandit action cam has a 16MP CCD sensor tat shoots 1080p, built-in GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Smart, motion sensors, waterproof, microSD card support and USB 3.0.The battery power will last you for three hours (while shooting at 1080p/30fps). The camera’s viewfinder is accessible through the TomTom Bandit app (perfect for getting great frames while on your bike helmet) so that you can record hands-free.

TomTom BanditThere is even an iOS app (Android is on the way) for the TomTom Bandit that lets you take several video clips and patch them together (similar to the YouTube app). TomTom has also thrown in a new feature that turns your video clips into a movie when you shake the phone (not the camera) while the app is open.

TomTom’s Bandit will be available in June, and it will have additional accessories that are available for purchase (a premium pack will also be available). You can go to TomTom’s website to buy your own TomTom Bandit action cam for $399 (429 Euros).



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