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Michael John-Anyaehie


Founder of Tech My Money, I love Gadgets, I’m a professional geek, occasional photographer, obsessive Tech News collector, and an unwilling party host.

Ope John-Anyaehie


I’m a Tech lover and a Licensed Mental Health Counselor by day. 🙂 😀 !

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Melvin Jefferson

Assistant Editor-In-Chief

Tech addict for life. BlackBerry Fanatic forever. Bringing you the latest and greatest Technology News.
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Virginia Zuloaga


Mapping out my path in this social media world since 2009 and ready to learn something new every day. But first… coffee. | B2B Social Media Manager & Coach.

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Riley A. Barnett


I try to provide insightful, informative, and analytical takes on information, just for you. I like good design, worn Vans, computer specs, and strong coffee.
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Roman DeHonney


IT Profesional, Tech Junkie, Sports Fanatic, All around cool dude !
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Jason Monono


I’m Jason, interested in technology, sports, lifehacks, celebs, fashion, photography, gaming and a lot more. I’m a China-Based writer. You can catch me around on Google+ from time to time. And I am a current petroleum engineering student.

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Terry Bodega


Founder of Lifesperience Blog I’m tech fanatic from NYC who loves gadgets, movies, fitness, comics, anime, and gaming.
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Rich Harker


I am 26, have a wonderful family. Currently an IT student with a concentration in web design. Not much more to say, I love all things tech, and I am an Android enthusiast.
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Michael Da Silva

Gaming Writer

When I’m not busy in school you’ll find me writing some article. I’m that Battlefield Hardline player you want in your squad.