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Nike HyperAdapt Will Go On Sale This Weekend


The closest thing to Marty McFly shoes are Nike’s self -tightening shoes, those of you who are fans of the cult classic movie will get another window to buy one starting this weekend. Nike only released a few pairs of the $720 HyperAdapt 1.0 late last year, this time around, the company has plans to roll more pairs out around the world over the next few months.  The original Black/White-Blue Lagoon color scheme, as well as a Black/White-Red Lagoon colorway that launches tomorrow, will be included. Those of you who missed the SNKRS online draw for a chance to purchase the Nike HyperAdapt can visit NikeTown New York, Nike SoHo, Nike Chicago, The Grove, and Nike San Francisco locations this weekend for another chance to join the draw.


The HyperAdapt 1.0 will release via Nike SNKRS in the following countries: North America, Japan and China; and Nike App in the following cities: London, Berlin, Milan and Paris. Select Nike retail stores will also carry the HyperAdapt 1.0 at the following locations: Japan on September 23 at Nike Harajuku, NIKELAB MA5 and DSM Ginza China on September 17 at Nike Huaihai Brand Experience Store, Nike Ghangzhou Brand Experience Store, EC Mall Nike and Jordan Basketball Experience Store, NIKELAB X158 Shanghai, and NIKELAB DSM PEK London on September 29 at Niketown London Berlin on October 5 at Nike BE Berlin Milan on October 5 at NIKELAB ST18 Paris on October 5 at Nike Store Champs Élysée and NIKELAB P75 For North America release dates follow SNKRSNike

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