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First Episode Of Outcast Streams On Facebook Live Tonight

Outcast is an adaptation of The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman's comic book series.


Cinemax is planning to debut their upcoming show Outcast on Facebook Live and Africa tonight. The show is an adaptation of a comic book series from the creator of The Walking Dead. Outcast is nothing like Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead, it’s straight up dark, scary and it’s centered around supernatural and demonic possession.

Fox is planning to air episodes of Outcast in 61 countries shortly after it airs in the US, this is possible because they purchased international syndication rights to the show. This means that the live debut for tonight is a ploy to promote the show in regions they have the rights to. Don’t worry about your exhausting data package on all episodes of the show, only the pilot will stream on Facebook Live. Outcast begins its TV run on June 3rd. If you’re a fan of horror shows and will like to watch the show, you have to clear your schedule for 10PM CET tonight. See the embedded trailer below.


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