Logitech CREATE

If you were with us during our live blogging of Apple’s iPhone live event, then you know that Apple released a ton of new devices, features and such, but one of the “other” devices that stuck out was the iPad Pro. It’s always good to expect that when Apple designs a new (or updated) product that several vendors will come out of their labs with new accessories for us to make our devices “ours”. Logitech is no different, especially since they were the first (outside of Apple themselves) to create the first accessory for the iPad Pro. Logitech designed a new keyboard called CREATE, which they boast about it being the best keyboard for an iPad ever!

The Logitech CREATE keyboard gets its power from its Smart Connector, that eliminates charging. The connection is a direct magnetic connection, which also removes the need for Bluetooth pairing. Logitech is taking a newer, direct approach with the CREATE keyboard. The keyboard also features a full-size layout and keys, making typing seamless and familiar. You’ll also get an extra layer of protection for your iPad Pro when you use this keyboard.

The Logitech CREATE Keyboard for the Apple iPad Pro will be available as soon as the iPad Pro gets released, which may be sometime in November. Apple has already identified their own iPad Pro keyboard, but at $170 we can expect Logitech to put up a worthy competitor at a lower price point.

You can find more information over at BusinessWire about the CREATE keyboard for Apple iPad Pro




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