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Firefox Has Security Issues, New Update Patches It


Mozilla recently announced that it was told that there were Russian ads that exploited a serious vulnerability in the company’s Firefox browser. Mozilla’s security team announced that the hacker bypassed the security policy that is built within Mozilla Firefox (called “origin policy”). Then this attacker placed a malicious javascript script that then downloads users sensitive local files and sends them to a server in the Ukraine.

“This attack was surprisingly developer-focused for an exploit launched a general audience news site,” because it hunted browser and FTP configuration files. It added that the “exploit leaves no trace that it has run on the local machine.” – Mozilla

Mozilla notes that these malicious scripts within its Firefox browser only affects Windows and Linux PCs but not Apple’s Macs. Firefox does have a new update for all desktop platforms that use it’s browser and Mozilla does suggest that Mac users also update because these hackers can design different malicious scripts that can attack OS X much more strategically. So if you have Mozilla Firefox browser on your PC, act now and pick up Firefox version 39.0.3 today!

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