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New Floating Videos From Facebook Lets You Watch And Browse Your News Feed


While Instagram is striving to get you hi-res images in 1080 x 1080 pixels, far larger than the standard 640 x 640 pixels they are stored as now, Facebook just added a new Pop-Up/ Floating Video feature for web users. Desktop users can now have their videos floating while they continue browsing their News Feed errrm (just like Tumblr). To make use of this new feature, all you need to do is click the new button next to HD your video will pop out. You can move the video anywhere in your window. It would have been a perfect feature if Facebook added a resize function.


Facebook has been busy lately trying to step up its video platform with things like ads for publishers. The floating video feature is still rolling out, so if you don’t see it now refresh a couple of times or just wait for it. I hope they get to add a resize function soon.


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