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New Amazon And Marvel Deal Brings 12,000 Comics To The Kindle Store


Marvel, comiXology and Amazon recently announced the expansion and renewed exclusive relationship to distribute and sell Marvel’s digital comic books across the comiXology, Amazon and Marvel Comics platforms. The new deal between Marvel and Amazon will allow Kindle owners to purchase more than 12,000 Marvel back issues — from Spider-Man to Star Wars — through the Amazon store without the need for the comixology.

After Amazon’s acquisition of comiXology in April of 2014, we collectively saw a great opportunity to expand our relationship and create more ways for fans to access Marvel’s vast library of characters as well as leverage comiXology’s technology, together with Amazon’s incredible consumer focus and reach.Peter Phillips, EVP Marvel Entertainment.

The 12,000 single issue digital comic books will be available for sale on the Amazon Kindle Store on June 18, 2015, will also be available on the Amazon Kindle platform around the world. The new deal still allows comiXology to continue to distributing Marvel’s English language “single issue, trades and graphic novels via the comiXology apps on Fire tablets, iPhone, iPad, Android devices and the web at comixology.com.” It’s also worth noting that Mravel’s $10 monthly subscription services that only stocks issues more than six months old is still available.


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by Michael John-A at Mode



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