We all know that when it comes to videos and video streaming that YouTube is boss (and best). The same when you discuss who has the most or best movies you say Netflix (Right? If not let us know in the comments why not?). Well Hulu’s former CEO, Jason Kilar has designed a potential rival of YouTube called Vessel.

Vessel fans can get early access at $2.99/month to the web’s best videos in a beautiful, cinematic environment. You will instantly see an amazing variety of videos, covering nearly any interests you may have: things from music, food and travel; beauty, science and vlogging; gaming, pranks and sports; comedy, ideas and pop culture; and many more are available. These videos, most are from the most talented video creators, channels and artists, can be enjoyed by hundreds of millions of fans around the world.

For now, you can get a single month of free access to explore what the site offers—just sign up for an invite here since it’s an invitation-only public beta. Thereafter, it’ll cost you $3 per month. You’ll only be able to watch on the web or iOS for now, but Vessel said that an Android app is coming really soon.

There’s no word on when Vessel will be available invitation-free. Even so, the beta is at least proof that the video streaming hub is more than just an overhyped idea.

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